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Product description

Nava Roll-on Pain Relief Gel

Soothe sore, tired muscles and joints with this Nava roll-on pain relief. The 100% natural over-the-counter pain solution glides on healing ingredients and nourishment that helps muscles and joints heal.

The roll-on applicator makes it easy to roll back pain one-handed anywhere on your body.

Proprietary Formula

While Nava roll-on pain relief gel has a proprietary formula that we keep under wrap, we are happy to share the news of its fast-acting relief. Do you struggle with aches and pains every morning or have you recently experience muscle strain and fatigue? Give your body the rest and relaxation it needs to heal with this Nava roll-on gel.

Whether your pain is from a chronic condition such as sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis or fibromyalgia, or the result of a sudden injury, Nava roll-on pain relief can help. Keep your medicine cabinet stocked with this formulation, specifically blended to alleviate muscles and joints.

Do you have a sprained ankle, strained biceps or calves or an aching back? Reach for no-mess hemp pain relief that penetrates to the pain and eradicates it.

All-natural ingredients help relieve muscle and joint pain from sports, illness, injury and everyday activities. With four anti-inflammatories, refined Hemp Oil extracted from cosmetic grade Hemp, and three essential oils, we have blended the best topical pain relief product to battle your pain!

Meet the superstar ingredients that deliver an award-worthy performance with every use:

  • Hemp Oil: used for natural pain relief
  • Camphor Oil: relieves pain and itching
  • Menthol: causes skin to feel cool then warm
  • Capsaicin: decreases natural substance that passes pain signals to your brain
  • Boswellia and Arnica Extract: used to treat chronic inflammation in Asia and Africa
  • Essential Vitamins and Oils: essential nutrients for muscle health

You feel it working as soon as you roll it on!

Nava roll-on pain relief gel guides effective ingredients to your pain source at full strength, whereas pain relief tablets dissipate and lose their effectiveness while traveling through the body. 

By reducing inflammation, this essential health product eliminates one common cause of pain. For those who don’t like to take medications, Nava roll-on pain relief gel offers a non-habit-forming alternative. 

By using a topical roll-on gel, you don’t have to wait for the ingredients to go through your bloodstream to reach the source of your discomfort. The easy-apply gel coats and soothes muscles and joints directly. So, shake it up and cover the aching area with no-drip pain relief. 

Slather Nava roll-on pain relief gel on your back, shoulders, foot, elbow, knees, hip, neck or hand for fast reprieve without the wait.

The word ‘NAVA’ means ‘beautiful’ in Hebrew. We strive to create products to help people live their best, most beautiful lives.

Nava Healing was founded by Dr. David Dang, who was inspired by his experience treating pain & chronic disease. With the desire to help his patients through natural methods and without the need for prescription drugs. He wanted to give people who suffer from the pain a brand they could trust to help increase their mobility, & improve their overall quality of life.

Meet Our Hemp Oil
Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Roll-On Gel

Incorporating hemp oil with other organic ingredients known to relieve pain for a synergistic effect.

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